Colts v Makos

Eccles Senior Colts 22 vs 41 Makos Senior Colts

HALBRO Colts League Senior C

23rd September 2018


Match Report by David Rapinett

A tragically depleted squad saw just thirteen Eccles lads line up against a full contingent of twenty-two players representing our visitors from Makos on Sunday afternoon. For those who are unaware, Makos Academy is a combined team of Manchester and Stockport colts players.

Despite the desperately unfavourable odds (Q Phil Collins “How can I just let you walk away, Just let you leave without a trace….”) Eccles put in a phenomenal shift of work and showed a level of commitment that saw Eccles run in two Trys in each pulsating half.

The first twenty minutes were fairly even with both teams pressing hard in possession whilst the other worked tirelessly to protect their territory. Makos opened the scoring with a well worked Try which was soon squared off with a marvellous first Try of the season from Max Riley. Weaving in and out of tackles after taking the ball at the back of the Eccles Ruck, Max skipped past the Makos Full Back on the right wing to level the scores up. 5-5.

Makos reacted well to the equaliser, making full advantage of their numerical advantage, running in three Trys that would give them a comfortable cushion for the rest of the game. Eccles closed the gap towards the end of the first half with a move which began with the forwards on the right wing, drawing in defensive numbers; the ball was shifted rapidly across the width of the pitch with precise long distance passing under pressure from Harry Candland and Alex Speakman to find Jordan Burns who, using pace and guile broke the Makos lines from deep, to run in a well earned Try in the left corner on his return from injury. 10-24 H/T.

The second half was a reasonably even affair with Makos scoring just five points more than Eccles over the 35 minutes; unfortunately though, it was always an uphill battle for Eccles who had trailed by fourteen points at the break. Eccles were further disrupted from finding momentum by second half injuries to forwards Dan Aspinall and Cameron Smollett.

Eccles matched Makos throughout the half with outstanding performances from every single player, with a couple of individuals deserving a mention in dispatches.

Keiron Reed capped off an all-round competitive display with a typically robust Try, charging his way through the Makos defence, successfully stretching for the Try line as he was felled by a combination of Makos Forwards and Backs.

Shea Skillicorn! The very definition of the metaphor ‘putting your body on the line for the team’. In a heroic effort to deny a Makos counter attack, Shea used the only part of his anatomy available… his head… to nudge the ball away, as the onrushing boot of the Makos Winger swung towards his napper like the Sword of Damocles. Shea went on to score Eccles’ final Try in the only way he knows how. Charging at the Makos defence, breaking tackles, holding off and placing the ball beneath the posts for Harry (may have been Alex) to convert.

Against all odds (“….When I stand here taking every breath with you, ooh ooh, you’re the only one who really knew me at all”) this was a fantastic game to watch. Makos were clinical, took their opportunities well and made the best of their full replacements bench to keep their team fresh. Eccles, ravaged by injuries, League commitments and Sunday employment put in a performance of true Salford grit, never giving up, battling through to the end. The mix of players and positions was far from ideal but the lads gave everything and more, the Backs showed pace in attack and determination in defence; the Forwards charged like my Audi garage (at every single opportunity).

This coming Sunday we take a break from League action as we welcome Kirkby Lonsdale to Gorton Street for Round 1 of the Frank Morgan U18 Cup. We last played Kirkby Lonsdale in May 2018 when we were narrowly defeated in the Junior Colts Plate Final. Let’s hope for a full, prepared and committed squad to turn this one around.

Final Scores on the Doors:

Eccles 22 vs 41 Makos

  • Trys Max Riley, Jordan Burns, Keiron Reed and Shea Skillicorn
  • Conversions Harry Candland / Alex Speakman

Starting Line-Up

  1. Keiron Reed
  2. Dan Aspinall
  3. David Smith
  4. Cameron Smollitt
  5. James Fletcher
  6. Callum Brady
  7. N/a
  8. N/a
  9. Max Mulligan
  10. Harry Candland
  11. Jordan Burns
  12. Shea Skillicorn
  13. Max Riley
  14. Alex Speakman
  15. Brad Palmer


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  1. Great effort by the heroic Eccles 13.

    Proud to watch the lads give 100% plus.

    They were beaten, but no way in hell were they defeated.

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