Volunteer: Stenny gets Social

The club is delighted to announce the appointment of DAN STENSTROM as your new SOCIAL EVENTS MANAGER 👏

Stenny, how long have you been a club member? I’ve been a club member since I was 8 years old. Playing at every level from juniors to colts and attempting (mostly badly) to play seniors.  Tommy Wilson was my first coach and then Dave Nick and Andy Brunt took us through to colts. 

What attracted you to the volunteer role of Eccles RFC Social Event Manager?Eccles is an amazing club and offers so much to so many people. It’s been a great place for me over the years to both play rugby and socialise. My legs have given up on me so as I can’t play anymore I decided I wanted to give back to the club in a different way. I saw the opening for social event manager and thought this would be a suitable role for me, where I could contribute the most. 

What does your role involve?So far it’s involved arranging the 2018/19 End of Season Players Awards Dinner and the Annual Dinner Dance. This year we decided to forgo the marquee and held the Players Evening in the clubhouse and the Dinner Dance at the AJ Bell stadium. Both events were a huge success but the long term plan is to return to the marquee as it’s always been an amazing weekend. This will only happen however with an increase in commitment, numbers and help. We have a few ideas of how to approach this which we will be announcing soon. Going forward the role will involve organising events that will help attract new players and members to the club. We’re looking to recruit members for a “social committee” so we can discuss ideas and plan events for the coming season which will generate both money and popularity for the club. The club used to be a popular place every Saturday night and we’re looking to bring those days back.If anybody wants to be a part of this they should get in touch with me. All volunteers are welcome.

What social event can we look forward to next? We’ve a few ideas for the coming months, primarily a beer and gin festival which is planned for the pre season around mid August. There is also an idea for a family fun day in the first few weeks of the new season as well as a few other ideas that are being discussed in the coming weeks. After that there is all sorts of ideas for themed nights etc throughout the season. Nothing concrete yet so all ideas welcome! 

If someone offers you a drink at the club bar, what do you request? Depends on my mood. Heineken or a Rum and Coke.

If someone was unsure about volunteering, what advice would you give to persuade them?  My advice to any potential volunteers is that clubs like Eccles wouldn’t survive without volunteers. It doesn’t have to be hours and hours each week, just whatever you can spare to be of some assistance to the rugby club. We all have busy lives but if you enjoy spending time at the club and think you’d be devastated if it wasn’t there, then maybe you should volunteer some time to ensure it carries on to be the special club it is. I also hear people say “if I was involved then X would happen”, well volunteering provides the opportunity to have your opinions heard.

A Rugby club doesn’t run itself, it needs an army of volunteers. Since 1897, Eccles RFC has grown to 300+ players and 18 Senior and Junior teams. To ensure the club’s continued success, we need your support and skills. There are lots of vacant roles we need to fill to be a full strength team next season. Why not help out? To find out more email volunteer@ecclesrfc.org.uk

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